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The ProSteel Ceiling Batten is a High Quality alternative to the traditional Wooden Batten currently used in Zambia.  The benefit of high strength and rigidity with low weight and cost, make this a perfect choice for your new building.  The ProSteel Ceiling Batten is compatible with all domestic ceiling boards making it an easy to use and versatile system.


As ProSteel Ceiling Battens are made using precision CNC machinery and high strength, high tensile Galvanized Steel that delivers perfectly straight, durable and STRONG battens.  Due to this high strength ProSteel Ceiling Battens will help control wooden rafter movement thus preventing plasterboard cracking.

  • The Return Edge is folded back on itself ensuring a safe edge and increasing the strength and rigidity.
  • 0.4mm or 0.5mm or 0.7mm ISQ550 Z275 Galvanized Steel is hi-tensile, very strong and lightweight.
  • The 20mm high profile is designed for strength and the overall design allows for easy handling and storage.
  • Bottom Cavity prevents condensation forming thus prolonging the life.
  • The textured surface allows for easy installation when locating and screwing plasterboard or rhino board.
  • ProSteel Standard lengths are 6.1m for easy transportation.  Building Specific lengths are available on a pre-order basis.
  • ProSteel Ceiling Battens are manufactured from JISG3302 ISQ550 High Strength/High Tensile Steel.


Fixing to Timber Joists:

Fasten the ceiling batten at every support with a 10x25mm timber fixing screw (minimum fixing size) through each flange as shown in the illustration below. 

Fixing to Steel Joists:

Fasten the ceiling batten at every support using a 10x16mm hex-head self-drilling screw (minimum fixing size) through each flange as shown in the illustration below.

Attaching the Plasterboard:

Fasten the plasterboard to the ceiling batten according to the plasterboard manufacturer’s specifications, refer to the drawing below for an example.